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Protecting what’s most precious...

It’s not always an easy conversation to have, but it is the right one and when buying a house and taking on a mortgage, the stakes are raised. The debt is on your home and it is our duty to make you aware of the risks. It is our job to advise you correctly and to offer you some professional insurance advice that most suits your needs. We’re concerned that our clients should protect what matters to them. It is a discussion to have together and between us we’ll decide what risks matter to you, what the financial consequences would be should they occur, and what level of cover would be sufficient in that event.

"We’re concerned that our clients should protect what matters to them..." You care about those you love and risking their financial future is not an option. Our job is to sit down with you, face-to-face and formulate a way that yours and their financial needs will be met, if you were unable to work through sickness, if you were to suffer a serious illness like a cancer or if you were to die.

We then search the panel of insurance providers we have to see which providers offer the most appropriate cover within your agreed budget, offering you the best policy definitions that will cover you and premiums that most closely suit you. Insurance requirements aren’t static: when you’re single you may not want to insure your life. When you have a partner, life insurance is usually appropriate. If you have a young family you might want to increase the amount insured, but then scale it back once your children have grown. This is an example of life events driving financial decisions.

Specialising In

• Life Cover
• Critical Illness Cover
• Income Protection
• Private Medical Insurance